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  • Feel free to bring a couple different combinations of ironed clothing (casual, formal, colors, ties, etc.).
  • Solid colors in mid or dark tones are preferred.  Avoid garments with fine line patterns.
  • Avoid clothing with logos or lettering and make sure under garment shadows don't show through
  • Check yourself carefully in the mirror. Make sure that your skin isn't oily or dry.
  • Men: ensure that you don't have "5 o'clock shadow" and that you didn't miss shaving in spots like under your nose or chin.  Ensure that that nose hair is trimmed.
  • Wear freshly cleaned and pressed clothing.  If you have a suit that has been sitting in your closet and hasn't been cleaned in a while, have it cleaned and pressed before your session. Your eyes may not be able to see it easily but a layer of dust falls on it while it is in your closet.  It is especially noticeable on darker suits.
  • Make sure your teeth are clean and flossed.
  • If you have dry lips, place a light layer of lip balm on them.



If possible, I recommend that you are photographed without eyeglasses, or with a pair of frames with the lenses removed. Here's why:

  • Eyeglass prescriptions change the shape  of each eye. One eye may appear larger or distorted.
  • If you wear glasses, the placement of studio lighting is limited to higher above your head or farther to the side. This reduces the glare but not as much light falls into the beautiful, colorful part of your eye.  Also, lighting from that angle may not make you look your best.
  • Without eyeglasses, you can clearly see the color and detail of your eyes and the eyes are the most important part of a photograph!
  • Eyeglasses can impart a hazy look to your eyes as fine scratches, skin oil, fingerprints, dust,  and dry skin creates spots on the glasses.
  • Eyeglasses often have anti-reflective coating that can cause pink, green, or blue reflections that cannot be removed.
  • If you prefer to be photographed with your eyeglasses, stand in front of a mirror and try on a few pair and see which one causes the least amount of eye distortion and reflection. Avoid wearing bi-focals or strong prescriptions if possible.
  • If your eyes tend to "drift" without glasses you will probably have to wear glasses to be photographed.



  • Keep jewelry small, simple, and timeless so it doesn't draw attention away from your face.
  • Be sure that your top is not low cut and avoid sleeveless tops. The extra skin draws attention away from your face and (because it is closer to the camera) will often make arms look larger.
  • Avoid any products that have sparkle or glitter.
  • Touch-up your makeup and hair just before the session. The goal is to have your skin look very smooth and to eliminate shine from facial oil.
  • Be sure that various powder colors are well blended and that there are no transition lines.
  • Spend extra time making your eyes look perfect and well defined. If you are older, pay particular attention to soften the appearance wrinkles around your eyes.